Sunday, January 11, 2009

Yellow - An Action Adventure Yaoi?

Goh and Taki are "snatchers." (Ironic for a Yaoi title isn't it? By the way Alanis Morisette, this is an example of irony. You know, as opposed to anything in your song "Ironic.") Anyway, they get information on drug busts and it is their job to get the drugs before the authorities to make sure non-corrupt officials get them. Each chapter is a different case with new circumstances. The one constant in the story is Goh's love for his hetero partner Taki. I have a feeling there will be more sexual situations in upcoming volumes.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bizenghast Volume 5 by M. Alice LeGrow

It had been so long since I read volume four of Bizenghast there was a HUGE plot point that I had forgotten about. Luckily, the reader is reminded of it quickly. Dinah deal with more vaults in the mausoleum but has trouble completing her tasks because of her grief. The first thing that drew me to this manga series was the art over the story, and I still like the art more than the plot. But on the other hand my favorite character would have to be Edaniel, drawn in such a sketchy fashion without a ton of detail. I recommend this series for teens who like Tim Burton movies.