Saturday, April 26, 2008

Derby Girl by Shauna Cross

I double checked the Thoughts of Joy blog and we are allowed to change our books for the YA challenge. So I am.
My first will be Derby Girl. Bliss is the perfect name for a Texas pageant girl. Too bad Bliss is more interested in punk rock and vintage clothes than tiaras and evening gowns. She can't bring herself to tell her parents about the roller derby league she joins in Austin and begins leading a double life: by day she may be Bliss, but by night she is Babe Ruthless. Her mom, a former pageant queen herself, has her heart set on Bliss being the third generation Miss Bluebonnet. This is a fun little book. It's great for alterna-teens. I think there is enough band name dropping to also satisfy the music obsessed.

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