Saturday, May 03, 2008

Playing the Field by Phil Bildner

Darcy loves baseball. Three seasons playing softball for her high school has not been satisfying so she asks to tryout for the boys' baseball team. After initially being told no, the principal changes his mind after his son tells him Darcy is a lesbian. Darcy is so excited about being on the team that she decides not to tell the principal that she actually is straight.

So much is happening in this book aside from a closeted heterosexual girl learning firsthand what it's like for gay students at her school. Darcy's mom and the principal are dating, she's got a crush on the principal's son, her ex-best friend is president of the gay straight alliance and threatening to out her at any moment. So many of these details that would be the Issues in some teen Issue novels are merely background that don't get a full exploration. I think if they had, the book might have felt bogged down. Since they weren't, it was simply a quick read that I enjoyed.

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Janette Rallison said...

Hi Wonderland Chick. You were the winner of my New Dawn Contest, so email me an address so I can send you your book. You can reach me at rallison1 at

Also, I have a book called Playing the Field too. I guess it's a popular title.