Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shade by Jeri-Smith Ready

I read this because I love Melissa Marr and Jeri Smith-Ready was on the Smart Girl's Kick It Tour with her. Since I was going to hear her speak I thought I'd read one of her books before I went. Sixteen years ago there was a Shift in the world. Everyone born after the Shift can see and interact with ghosts and those born before cannot. Aura was born the day of the Shift and works in her aunt's law firm which is very pro ghosts rights. She has been in a relationship with Logan for about a year when he suddenly dies. Death may end a physical relationship between them but since she is a post-shifter he is still in her life. Things get a little more intersting when Aura is teamed with cute new Scottish student Zachary on a big project she's doing exploring what made the Shift happen. And Logan's parents hire Aura's aunt to head up a wrongful death suit, which may reveal some private information on Logan and Aura's last night together, hoping that it will help him move on to the afterlife and not become a bitter Earthbound Shade. There's also the small matter of the government being interested in Aura due to her birth date. This book does a good job of setting out the rules of what ghosts can and can't do. It is also grounded in the reality of high school by having all the gossip that happens when a teen dies suddenly. Of course there's always the question of when is it too soon to move on, but it's more interesting when the deceased party is still hanging around. I'm looking forward to book two next spring.

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