Friday, July 11, 2008

Debbie Harry Sings in French by Meagan Brothers

I love music so when a character focuses on music it appeals to me. And Johnny loves music. He loves music before he discovers Debbie Harry. When he hears Debbie while in rehab, his allegiance turns to Blondie. This musical turning point is also a turning point in Johnny's life. When he gets out of rehab, his mom, who was a hot mess for years that Johnny took care of, tells him he needs a positive male influence in his life and she's sending him out of state to live with his uncle. I felt betrayed along with Johnny when his sanctimonious mother sent him away. This story is more about Johnny's move or his love of music. It also deals with gender identity in an interesting way. I couldn't wait to give this book to the kids who loved other "issue" novels that featured music such as Heavy Metal and You and Candy. This is Meagan Brother's first novel and I am interested to see what she writes about next.

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