Tuesday, August 31, 2010

White Cat by Holly Black

I was a little disappointed when I read the description of White Cat and saw nothing about faeries. I love faeries and I love the way Holly Black writes about faeries so I wanted more. Then I read White Cat and I was no longer disappointed. What a fantastic world she has woven into our own. Much like mutants are every day citizens in X-Men, curse workers are in this story. Everyone wears gloves because workers need to make contact with skin in order to perform a charm. Workers can change your memory, change your feelings, or even kill you. White Cat focuses on Cassel, the only non-worker in his family. Cassel wakes one night teetering near the edge of the roof on his boarding school dorm following a white cat. His subsequent suspension sends him home and leads to all kinds of family trouble. This is a suspenseful crime story that just so happens to have magic in it. I eagerly await book two, Red Glove due out Aprill 2011.

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