Sunday, October 02, 2011

Angel: Immortality for Dummies

I'm not as much a fan of the Angel graphic novels as I am the Buffys.  I also find the series numbering confusing.  The first four are all volumes of Angel: After the Fall, which was one large story arc.  Volume five was a new story arc called Angel: Aftermath.  Then came Angel: Last Angel in Hell, which was labeled volume 6.  Now suddenly this is volume 1.  I feel like IDW should have either made this volume 7 or made volume 5 a volume 1 since it was a new story arc.  Whatever, I only have two more Angel graphic novles in this particular IDW series left so it will no longer drive me bonkers!

This volume begins with Angel missing and Team Angel does not know whether he is in hiding from his new found fame or if something is wrong.  I feel very meh about this book.  I like the bits with Angel and I like the promise of the new character that is presented.  There is a lot of Connor in this book and he is not my favorite character.  I also don't think Spike sounded very Spike like.  I like him much better in his mini-series which was published after this.  The first four volumes, which were scripted by Saint Joss, are my favorites.  I purchased volume five only because it was 50% off.  I'm glad I've been getting these through the library, especially since they are only available in hardcover.  I think it would take a big sale for me to succumb to my fandom OCD and buy this book.

I am counting this toward the RIP Reading Challenge.

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goldiebug said...

"Fandom OCD"--I like that phrase! Describes me perfectly. (Just bought a really expensive paperback because it's a memoir by one of the cast of Babylon Five)